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E for effort (cont’d)


Dec 13, 2010.
Well folks…..we made the methane run last week okay but for the ailing truck and some bad weather. We finished unloading on Sunday night around 20:00 thanks to Harvey at Conley Gas in Stryker, Ohio. This nutjob came back out and offloaded us after going home for warmer clothes. Yes….Sunday ….while the rest of our prospective classmates were snug in their beds down in Texas, we were departing Ohio for Texas in an ice storm in the sputtering Ryder truck with glazed over headlights and no windshield washers. Tuesday morning 02:30 local time we dropped the trailer in the woods north of Houston and bobtailed the last 80 miles to the hotel by the main terminal where training was to commence in three hours. Sounds tight, right? Up to this point the whole experience has been a time warp for me. We left Indiana due to lack of work a couple years ago. We crash and burn in Arizona, find a job in Kansas, and drive through Indiana every week.
    The trip in and out of Texas has been a little blurry as well. I left Indiana in 1980 for Texas in search of work in the mass snowbird migration three decades ago. The old routes were still there….the old hangouts all weathered and deserted. The road seemed a little longer than I remembered… but then again, I was more “enthusiastic ” about trucking back then and the roads were smoother and shorter. The scenario is still the same…. running your butt off trying to survive. I just had more time back then. I was in my twenties with all the time in the world to accumulate my “fortune”. Twenty plus years and a couple divorces and some shady presidents have taken care of that dream. This job is smoothing out some. The crappy truck and zero hometime has been the main downside thus far. Now that we have actually been to the home terminal and met these people we have thus far only heard about, we feel a little more comfortable with the whole deal. They are a good, caring bunch of folks with lots of work and very strict safety standards…. which I like. I don’t have to take chances, cut corners, compromise safety for anyone. After thirty years of doing whatever it takes to make everyone happy, I can finally start being the professional driver I need to be. The truck and hometime issues will work themselves out. Now if we can just get out of this hotel soon……..

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